Ever since casino games entered online premises, there has been a tendency to improve the services provided to their players. Operators have been boosting their game selection, player benefits and all kinds of bonus promotion, and some players still claimed to miss the excitement of the Las Vegas casino floor.

In order to add some thrill to their selection of offerings, many platforms started offering players a limited number of spins, for a limited time period. Soon afterwards, these turned into the slot races and tournaments that we know today, and have developed into several different variants.

Types of Slot Tournaments

The slot tournaments offered nowadays can be distinguished into four basic types, mainly according to the temporal and the entry factor. The following types of slot tournaments have appeared as a result of such variety:

  • Scheduled – This is the basic type of slot tournament, limiting players to a given time in which it is supposed to take place. Registration is normally available prior to the start, but you need to be careful and rather punctual.
  • Sit’n Go – Opposite to the first type, these slot tournaments are available 24/7, and they start as soon as the places are filled. While you may not need to adjust your schedule, you will still need to be rather alert to keep track of all Sit’n Gos.
  • Entry Buy-in – Slot tournaments which require players to pay a fee during registration are known as buy-ins. These fees can vary significantly, but the extent of the prizes is usually worth the amount.
  • Freerolls – These are the most desired type of slot tournaments – players can get massive cash prizes and other rewards, without paying anything for participation. However, due to their nature, online casinos only offer freerolls on occasion.

The Best Slot Tournaments at Online Casino Sites

There are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the best slot tournaments offered online. Less experienced players can be overwhelmed by the choice of options and end up with the wrong one. The two online slot tournaments listed below are considered among the best in the industry, so read on and register while there is still time.

  1. Casumo Reel Races – There is hardly any review of Casumo on the web that doesn’t spare a few words to mention the operator’s Reel Races. This slot tournament has reached massive popularity, both for the 24/7 tournaments every 30 min, and for the 19.00 main event. The prizes are numerous, and determined on your leaderboard position, which can go up if you manage to keep a fast pace and make use of all the points and boosters along the way.
  2. Vera&John’s tournament – The Reel tournament at Vera&John is active for a limited time, i.e. scheduled, which only further builds up the players’ tension and excitement along with the massive prize pool offered. The higher you go on the leaderboard, the bigger chunk of the prize pool you will be awarded with, and bets as small as €1 can get you moving upwards.