Pokie Info

  • Game provider: Eyecon
  • Betting levels: IE €0.25 – IE €12.50
  • Maximum win: 9500x
  • Bonus features: Wild symbols, Scatter symbols and Free Spins
  • Jackpot available: Not available
  • Return to player: 95.40%
  • Variance: Medium Variance

Shaman’s Dream Slot

Shaman’s Dream is a Native American themed slot game that follows the route of a traditional video slot. With its 5-reel and 25-payline system, there are 240 spins available to trigger via the bonus feature of the game.

With a medium variance to characterise the game, you can expect to win some frequent payouts, provided you are lucky enough. With a win potential of up to 380 times your stake for every spin, you could hit the jackpot if luck is on your side.

Read the latest review for Eyecon’s slot game, Shaman’s Dream, and understand exactly why it’s one you need this year!

How to Play Shaman’s Dream

To play Shaman’s Dream, you need to be aware of the different wagering limits this game has, in addition to the manual and automatic features. There are bonus features you can enjoy in your gaming experience too, however that will be elaborated on further within the review.

First thing’s first, to begin playing on Shaman’s Dream slot, you will need to adjust the limits you are happy to place a bet with, per payline. With the 25-payline system, you have 25 ways of winning, and of course, if you happen to place a bet at the maximum wager of IE €12.50 per payline, you put yourself in line for the largest fixed jackpot win. This only applies however, if you are lucky enough to trigger the free spins bonus feature that the game boasts for a lucky few players.

The wager limits you wish to play at (if auto spin) need to be set before the amount of spins that you wish to set your game session at. To do this, make sure you use the plus or negative signs on the reel, which will allow you to adjust the wagering limits accordingly. However, should you wish to play on an automatic setting, you will be allowed to play up to 1,000 consecutive spins at the same wager limit. You can choose to stop the game by pressing the spin button ‘off’ during the spin of the reels.

Shamans Dream Slot

Shaman’s Dream Game Features and Symbols

Bonus features within Shaman’s Dream are definitely intricate and entertaining for those that like their slot games to have a lot going on at once during play. Within the slot game, you will have the following features integrated within your gaming experience. All it will take to experience one of the following features listed below is sheer luck!

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol feature will embody the form of a white wolf. Following the traditional symbolism of this historic native culture, the wolf will not only resemble strength and strategy, but you will be able to manipulate and rearrange your reel should this symbol appear amongst the low value symbols. Hey, if you land more than one of these symbols, then be prepared for the winning combinations and payout possibilities that could come your way. For example, a way of getting 380x your original stake, is by manifesting a 5-matching wild symbol combination within your reel and payline. This feature alone is one of the largest paying features that this game boasts. While it is rare to show up and make an appearance, playing with the largest wagering limits at this point will certainly be a benefit to your overall winnings.

Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbols within the game will multiply your stake should you manage to land above 3 scatter symbols within your reel. Exceeding the traditional minimum 3 scatter symbols will again influence your payout potential, as your payout will be doubled, depending on which symbol accompanies your scatter. Larger wins go for larger valued symbols – and yes, wild symbols can be incorporated within this mix!

Gamble Bonus

The gamble bonus is available for players that would like to make the best of the returns they made within the slot game. While this certainly is not for the faint-hearted, you will be able to select from two choices – to gamble or to leave. Should you select the gamble option, all your winnings thus far will have the chance of being doubled or lost. While the adrenaline at this point could get the better of you, a wise decision must be made to decide if it is worth losing everything you have made within the game altogether. Of course, that never stops hardcore players from ploughing on, does it?

Shamans Dream Slot Bonuses

Free Spins Feature

Last but not least, we come to the feature that most players will be eagerly anticipating and waiting for the possibility of making it happen. The free spins feature is by no means an easy bonus to trigger within your reel. You will need to make sure that the Dreamcatcher Symbols are numbered plenty within your reel, and with a possibility of a winning combination to be made from them.

Should you land 3 or more of these, you will be guaranteed at least 15 free spins. However, if you exceed that, the 240 free spins will appear consecutively with no slowing down, and should also trigger the fixed jackpot of the game. The winning amount you will receive from this will all depend on the overall stake you used to play before their appearance. So again, just like the other bonus features, a maximum wager would certainly help attain the maximum 9500x your original stake!

Shaman’s Dream RTP – 95.40%

As mentioned above in the pokie info summary, this game provides players with the opportunity of really making the best of their gaming experience. A medium variance not only provides more than average payouts, but with the theoretical percentage of this game, players could end up making € 95.40 returns from every €100 wagered. Do keep in mind that this does not apply to each and every turn played on this slot. The percentage is theoretical and therefore can be altered depending on your luck and the Random Number Generator.

Shamans Dream Mobile Slot

Shaman’s Dream Mobile Compatibility

As expected, Eyecon’s previous creations have all been developed with the compatible HTML5 software that allows games to be streamed and played from the convenience of a mobile phone. If you are looking for an entertaining gaming experience that will give you the freedom to play from home, on your commute or anywhere you please, the Shaman’s Dream slot is the perfect game to achieve all of that. With the technology incorporated within this slot game, you will be able to access it from anywhere via Android, iOS and Windows software. Meaning yes, tablets, phones and traditional PCs are all good. One thing that is recommended to ensure gameplay is at its smoothest and not disrupted at all, is a strong Internet connection from either Wi-Fi or 4G/5G mobile data connections.

Shaman’s Dream Review Summary

This game overall is perfect for the gamers that are looking to explore themes that go far beyond the traditional Vegas and treasure hunting slot games. Shaman’s Dream is a traditional Native American slot game that uses authentic and original graphic design and artwork to give the storytelling of the game its best shot. While the soundtrack is certainly impressive and very original for the historical relevance of the story, combine all the components of the slot design and development, and you have a very impressive slot that will certainly entertain you.

The free spins feature is what will get most players excited, which is expected of course. The Dreamcatcher symbol that triggers this winning jackpot feature is simple, beautiful and easily spotted. Should you see this bad boy within your reels, your heartbeat will certainly skip a beat, as you realise and be on to the possibility of making some life-changing winnings at any given moment. Quite frankly, the integration of the multipliers, wilds, scatter symbols and the gamble bonus make the gaming experience packed with plenty to do, without making the slot game too complicated to play. In addition to this, what players need to know is that should you trigger the free spins feature once, you are twice more likely to be able to trigger it all over again, making the 380x multiplier an even greater possibility.

There is a pretty big reason as to why this game is most loved of all the other Eyecon creations, as it exceeds all other storylines and themes, and is most unique in the slot gaming market today. Being the first of the Native American kind, this will remain the most original and played, no matter how many duplicates try and replicate its success. Eyecon did a great job in making this!