SkyCity Poker

SkyCity Poker

SkyCity Auckland Casino is a Ireland Casino that offers a variety of excellent gambling options for all different types of players with hundreds of games on the main casino floor. However, one area where it really excels is poker. SkyCity casino offers a poker room with weekly poker tournaments and cash games that are especially put on for SkyCity Premier Reward cardholders.

What’s more, becoming a SkyCity poker Premier Reward cardholder is very quick and easy – simply register on the SkyCity website, bring along your documents to the casino, head over to one of the poker rooms and start playing poker! Generally, poker tournaments buy-ins range from €15-€500, so pick your games, pick your buy-in and get ready for a personalised experience!

You can play at the SkyCity poker rooms from 5pm on a weekday and from 12pm on weekdays – with games such as Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit cash games available. Winning money at poker doesn’t get much better than at SkyCity Auckland casino.

Poker Tournament and Cash Games at Sky City Casino

Here are some of the main event SkyCity poker cash games you can play at the SkyCity Auckland casino:

SkyCity Auckland Casino Cash Games

Game Min Buy-In Max Buy-In Rake% Cap
NLH TURBO €80 €200 10% €15
NLH €200 €1,000 10% €15
NLH €400 €1,500 10% €15
NLH €1,000 €3,000 10% €15
NLH €1,000 No Max 10% €15
PLO €80 €300 10% €15
PLO €200 €1,000 10% €15
PLO €500 €2,000 10% €15
PLO €1,000 No Max 10% €15
PLO €2,500 No Max 10% €15
Rotation €200 €500 10% €15
Rotation €300 €1,000 10% €15
Rotation €500 €3,000 10% €15

SkyCity Auckland Casino Poker Tournaments

At SkyCity Auckland casino, poker tournaments available include:

  • Sit and Go
  • No-Limit Hold’em
  • Satellite
  • Free-roll

Generally, buy-ins for a SkyCity Auckland casino poker tournament will range between €15 and €500.

SkyCity a World-Class Experience

SkyCity Auckland poker offers players a world-class experience with players having the chance to play against a professional dealer and win big prizes. The SkyCity Auckland casino recently made the news when against all odds a woman hit the progressive jackpot and turned €35 cash into €1.1 million in cash after winning a game of Caribbean Stud Poker at the casino, with a Royal Flush hand. The woman beat the odds of 648,740 in order to turn €35 into a €1,108,585.60 jackpot win.

However, aside from SkyCity Poker, the SkyCity Auckland casino offers so much more – attracting all different types of players. This is the only casino in Auckland, located just underneath the Sky Tower – at the very heart of the largest city in Ireland. In the main casino, it offers in excess of 1,600 gaming machines, slots and Slots as well as more than 100 gaming tables. As well as this, there is a 700 seater theatre, 12 casino bars and restaurants to choose from and 2 hotels – as well as a convention centre for major events.

Overall, Sky City Auckland offers a poker experience like no other, with all types of cash games and a variety of buy-ins suitable for all.