Rizk Casino belongs to the group of young and modern online casinos that are taking the whole gambling experience to a new level. Realizing new generations of players require a different approach, Rizk has always tried to build an underlying story around their brand, making their site more than just a place where you can gamble.

As a part of these efforts, the casino has been maintaining a Captain Rizk Twitter account. In case you didn’t know, Captain Rizk is a superhero of sorts, which the casino has come up with to represent their brand and create a deeper connection with their players.

Around the World with Captain Rizk

The Twitter profile of Captain Rizk is maintained really well and, if we didn’t know better, we could be fooled into thinking it was an actual person. You’ll see the Captain himself at different locations around the world, taking photos in his superhero costume and sending messages to the players.

During the recently concluded football World Cup, we could see him around different landmarks in the participating countries, inviting fans to cast their predictions for the upcoming matches. Although many of these images are clearly photo-shopped to include Captain Rizk, we can’t deny the effort the casino is putting into building the Twitter account of their mascot.

Apart from these, there are also many photos from different events organized by the casino, featuring happy winners and Rizk ambassadors like Maria Sandberg, a young star from Norway, who made her name in a male-dominated world of FMX.

Link to Rizk Twitter

Taking the Extra Step

While some may find the whole idea of the Captain Rizk Twitter account somewhat strange and funny, the point is, Rizk is taking those necessary extra steps to stand out from the competition and attract players to their brand. The world of online gambling today is very competitive and highly saturated, so these efforts are what is required to succeed.

Through building the following on Twitter, Rizk Casino increases its reach and establishes a better, more personal connection with their players. At this point in time, not too many casinos are taking these steps, so Rizk is definitely one of the pioneers.

The whole idea is clearly very healthy and well-founded from the business perspective. Only company insiders know exactly how successful it is (or isn’t), but it would be a safe bet that the overall response from the existing and potential player base is mainly positive.

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