Responsible Gambling

More often than not, gamblers in Ireland enjoy online casinos with no problems at all. However, there is a minority of problem gamblers who experience a gambling addiction. This can cause serious harm that can have a major impact on them and those around them. That is why we offer player support services as we are committed to promoting responsible gambling. At CasinoReviews.NZ, we provide a variety of tools and procedures to help minimise any harm that can be associated with problem gambling. Gambling operators are responsible for looking after the best interests of their customers and the main goal as a responsible gambling operator.

Responsible gambling

We want to help educate casino customers to help them make the best decisions relating to their online casino gambling habits. So, we would request that should you need to do so, you follow the following steps to help you take control of your gambling.

If you believe that either you or someone you know may have issues with aspects of responsible gaming, then here are some things you should look out for:

*Mood swings or irrational outbursts brought on by problem gambling.

*Hiding gambling behaviours from family and friends and not being honest about how often and when you gamble.

*Borrowing money in order to gamble and get into debt.

*Gambling for extended periods of time, with no breaks and prioritising casino and gaming machines over all else.

*Gambling nearly every day.

*Chasing your losses.

*Not being able to stick to gambling limits.

*Gambling is no longer fun and is causing upset, regret, worries or distress – gambling harm is hurting your mental health.

If you can recognise any of these signs in yourself or those around you, then make sure you get help straight away.

You can access confidential support and harm prevention advice through gambling helpline operators 24/7 – simply ring the gambling helpline on 0800 654 655.

The Gambling Helpline is dedicated to offering counselling services to those with gambling problems or in the throes of a gambling addiction. Offering specialist services such as The Youth Gambling Helpline, Maori Gambling Helpline and Debt Gambling Helpline.

Places To Find Information on Responsible Gaming:

  • Gambling Helpline Ireland
  • Problem Gambling Foundation IE
  • The Salvation Army Oasis.

How Your Gambling Operator Can Help

A responsible gambling operator should put together a Gamble Host Pack to make sure that you can enjoy the casino in a fun and safe environment.

As such, the best online casinos and mobile casinos put into place measures to promote responsible gaming:

Set Limits

You should be able to set limits whenever you want through your account. Through the casino website, you should be able to set specific spending limits across a set period of time. There should also be a ‘cool down’ period before you can either change or remove these limits.

Decreasing Limits

If you have placed limits on your account, then you can choose to lower these whenever you want if you feel that they are not low enough. You need to make sure that the limits you set are low enough that they will not cause you financial harm or get you into or increase any debts. You might decrease your loss limit or spend limit. Make sure that you can decrease your limits easily with your chosen casino.

Increasing Limits

You should be given a cool-down period before your increase your limits. It is vital that before you choose to increase your limits, you think about it carefully and don’t do it as a spur of the moment decision to change losses etc. A casino will not allow you to increase limits without time to think about it first.

Taking a Break

A gambling operator will allow you to take a break at any time you want to. You should be able to take a break any time you need for as long as you need. If you do opt to take a break, then you will not be able to access your casino account for that period during the break and you will not be able to place any bets through your casino account. Moreover, if you do take a break, you will not receive any promotional or marketing material to the email address registered to your account.

Removal From Promotion and Marketing Communication

If you choose to take a break from your casino account, then you will also be opting out of the promotional communications and material. This means that you are opting to no longer receive any promotional material from your casino. Moreover, most gambling hosts will allow you to unsubscribe from emails even if not on a break.

Self Exclusion

Most online gambling operators will allow you to exclude yourself from accessing and gambling from your account and claiming free pokie bonuses. If you do opt to exclude yourself from the casino’s services and think that this will help you to manage your gambling better, then contact the support and request assistance. The self-exclusion process can be put into place for up to two years and more and will stop all of your gambling activities and own play at that specific casino.

Multi Casino Self Exclusion

There will also be the chance to self exclude from multi venues. Some casinos work together and so excluding yourself from one venue will also exclude you from other operators. This will stop you from excluding yourself from one casino only to sign up with another and continue playing.

Casino Responsible Gambling Responsibilities

All gambling operators in Ireland have a responsibility to minimise gambling harm associated with their products. This responsibility goes beyond the requirements that had been set out under the Racing and Gambling Act 2003. The best casinos will go beyond the standards as set out by the legislation.

When conducting their business, mobile casinos, online casinos and even Bitcoin casinos should always exhibit a sense of social responsibility, with a deep regard for the communities in which it is operational. This process is evolving and continuous as tolls and technology grow.

Responsible gaming operators should work in partnership with help and health service providers to ensure that gambling harm minimisation is as effective as possible.

Casinos should make sure they trial and implement new technology aimed at making the gambling environment safer.

They should constantly review their processes and procedures to identify ways in which their processes can be improved.

Required Measurements For Gambling Operators

All of the best casinos will put into place provisions to ensure a safe environment for players – and many will go above and beyond. However, these are the legal requirements for casino and gambling sites in regards to responsible gaming according to the Gambling Act 2003.

The Gambling (Harm Prevention and Minimisation) Regulations were amended in 2015 to contain a Responsible Host Pack for both land-based and online operators containing a range of measures such as:

  • Maximum bet limits and prize limits for gaming machines
  • Restrictions on advertising and jackpot branding
  • The requirement to train staff on problem gambling awareness.
  • The requirement to make information on problem gambling available to their customers
  • Staff to be able to issue exclusion orders to customers.

Be Safe

These days, any casino that has been licensed and regulated in IE has to legally give you the best responsible gaming tools. If you do feel as though problem gambling is affecting you or someone you know, contact your casino and take the steps you feel necessary and, if necessary, contact a gambling helpline for outside counselling and help. Gambling should be fun – and when the fun stops, stop.