Online gaming seems to be all anyone can talk about since it first appeared back at the turn of the century. Nonetheless, the last decade or so has seen an even more massive rise in its popularity, with players and enthusiasts appearing from all over the world. This is mainly due to the multiple tech advancements, Internet expansion and overall progress in the digital industries.

Such circumstances are what have led innovative thinkers to act upon the given situation and improve the industry even further. Each of the following profiles has been recognized as pioneers of this field of work, in one way or another, and some analysis of their influence could easily pave the way to something even more revolutionary for the most popular online casinos.

The Coats Family

Mr. Peter Coats has been accompanied by his son John and daughter Denise throughout the entire establishment and progress of their business. Since the year 2000, this family has actively provided gambling services to the UK public, starting off with local land-based Bet365 sportsbooks that rapidly turned into a national brand, all the more prompted by the fact that Peter had already been chairman and had just become the majority shareholder of Stoke City FC. Whilst the online platform was still being set up and promoted, he engaged in some Labour-party politically oriented donations, which saw him amass an unseen fortune soon afterwards, as the Coats family were able to sell their land-based business for £40m and focus on online markets. Nowadays, the UK magnate is open and fully supportive of UK regulations in their statements, prompting more markets to copy the proof-tested system.

Victor Chandler

When it comes to identifying fertile soil for innovation and progress, Victor Chandler’s instincts are frequently described as ‘second to none’ in this industry. Namely, the owner of BetVictor who took over the business from his late father has first started off where he left off – in the UK. However, when the opportunity showed itself and he was asked to intermediate offshore bets for eastern clientele, he recognized the potential and managed to perform a transfer to a much more liberal Gibraltar. Even in recent years, as talks on UK taxes seem to be going well for such offshore betting operators, his statements remain irreversible as to relocating back to the homeland.

The Shaked Family

After getting the idea out of a dentist conference at a Monte Cristo casino, Aaron Shaked and his brother Avi decided to set up an online platform from their home in Israel that would soon become a massive success. Needing funding to support the idea, they teamed up with another pair of brothers, Shay and Ron Ben-Yitzhak in order to fund Virtual Holdings Limited, later renamed in 888 Holdings, back in 1997. After Ari’s political turmoil and the death of Aaron, the company has returned stronger than ever, with the original inventors/investors still holding the majority of shares.

Considering that these stories refer to actual services that we use day in and day out, there is no lack of inspirational potency needed to keep the industry moving in a progressive direction.