Is Casumo Safe?

What currency can I deposit with on Casumo?

Casumo is a casino that everyone has been intrigued with getting the ‘in’ on as of late, and this should be the case! With over 1500 games, and 20 casino software developers contributing to the gaming catalogue available, understanding the currencies you can deposit with is the first step to being able to deposit and play as soon as possible.

This post is very important to any player that wishes to sign up with Casumo, as generally players will be able to choose the currency they play with before the finalisation of the registration process. Casumo operates differently, and it actually is necessary to register your player account, alongside verifications via mobile phone, before you can alter the currency within the system. So, this article should prove very useful to those wanting to clarify queries surrounding alternative currencies and deposits. We have done all the research for you!

Background on Casumo

Casumo operates under a large reach which extends across the globe, this should of course hint at the multiple currencies that are available to gamble with. The stated operable regions on the website of Casumo are: Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, India and Japan. They do also operate in the ‘rest of the world’ as quoted from their website pages, however restricted countries at the moment include France, French Guadeloupe, Hong Kong, Italy, Martinique, Réunion amongst other localities.

What currency can I deposit with on casumo: Your question answered

When you register with Casumo, the currency is set automatically depending on the location you currently are residing in, meaning if you are in the localities that the casino supports and recognises, currency selection is provided as a solution by the casino when you create your account. It is possible to change the selection yourself too; we have taken the liberty of providing that information further down within this post.

However, if you are residing in a location that does not have a supporting currency on Casumo, the starting currency after registration will be set to Euros.

The currencies which may be deposited with as of now, and are accepted include:

  • Euros
  • Pounds
  • Swedish and Danish Kroner
  • Rupees
  • Japanese Yen
  • US, Canadian and Ireland Dollars

Should you wish to deposit and your local regional currency is not accepted, it is recommended to perform a local currency conversion to allow alternative currency needs to be met. Currency conversions can be performed via the local depositing tools used for casino payment methods within Casumo, and they are Bank Transfer, Apple Pay, MasterCard, Visa and E-wallet variants such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and MuchBetter.

Other alternatives that can be considered include the use of a cryptocurrency wallet, which is considered today as a universal currency that can be used worldwide and has very much increased in popularity as the years have gone by. Casumo is proudly a crypto casino, and for good reason. They know that it can allow them to involve as many players as possible, from all corners of the globe!

How to make a deposit with a varying currency?

Once you have figured out the currency that is local to you, or the currency that is the cheapest to work towards making a currency conversion, you will need to know how to make a deposit, using the multiple depositing options that are available to you.

Step-by-step procedure is as follows:

  • Log into your Casumo account.
  • On the main screen of your player dashboard, select the currency amount located within the top section of the page.
  • Check over your selected depositing method and verify it is correct.
  • Select the valuable icon located on the top right of your page (on mobile) or use the arrow function to scroll between the valuables.
  • Verify the amount is what you would like to deposit and gamble with and click ‘yes please’ to confirm the selected deposit amount.
  • Click deposit to create the deposit transaction.
  • You should find an instant deposit that will allow you to gamble on your favourite casino games and have some fun.