Anyone who likes to play slots and casino games in Ireland is spoilt for choice with all the online casinos available to Ireland players. At online casinos, not only can you access all sorts of slot machines and table games, but you can also enjoy live dealer casino games, where you can play with real dealers and chat with other players as you enjoy games such as roulette, poker and blackjack for real money wins. But what if you fancy a real-life trip to a land-based casino? Let’s look at the best in IE.

The Best Casinos in Ireland

So, with that being said, if you do fancy putting your best outfit on and hanging out with the elite, you’ll be pleased to know that yes, there are casinos in Ireland and here are the top 5 casinos that promise a night filled with entertainment – and hopefully big wins.

SkyCity Casino Auckland

SkyCity Casino Auckland

The first on our list is Auckland’s SkyCity Casino. This SkyCity Casino is located in the tallest Sky Tower in the world. As such, it’s hard to miss and if you are in Auckland, it’s definitely worth a visit. The SkyCity Casino is one of the most popular casinos in Ireland due to its convenient location – and the fact that it has over 2,100 slot machines and gaming machines as well as more than 150 top table games to enjoy. SkyCity Auckland is always accessible as it is open to customers 24/7 – all day every day. However, that being said, the SkyCity casino does always impress on its customers to be responsible when gambling and playing the games – and to only play with money that they can afford to lose.

The best part of Auckland’s SkyCity Casino is its baccarat room. It offers not just 24-hour gambling but customers can also come here to learn how to play table games with a little help from the pros, with their learning packages.

The top games at Auckland’s SkyCity Casino include Blackjack, baccarat, Rapid Baccarat, Pai Gow, Roulette, Rapid Roulette, Poker, Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker and many more, along with their learning packages to help newbies on their journey to winning real money.

The SkyCity Casino in Auckland’s Sky Tower is open 24/7 and you can contact the staff for more information, all day every day.


Skycity Online Casino – Exclusive Bonuses

Skycity also offers an online casino where you can receive 20 Free Spins upon Signup on Dynamite Riches when you sign up for a new account. When you make a new deposit you will receive a 100% up to €100 casino bonus + 70 free spins.

Queenstown SkyCity Casino

Queenstown SkyCity CasinoThe next on our list of top casinos in Ireland is the Queenstown Sky City Casino which can be found at Beach Street, Queenstown 9300, Ireland. If you are looking to take a weekend break in Ireland, then not only are there some pretty great hotels in the locality, but aside from table games and slot machines, it offers some amazing restaurants and bars for customers that want to savour some tasty food while betting at the tables. Entertainment is the name of the game at this top casino in Ireland. It’s not only slots and games on the menu!

All in all, this Ireland Casino has around 86 top slot machines and gaming machines as well as a variety of table games including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker and twelve other table games. Just like the Auckland casino, this also offers a learning package for those who want to learn how to gamble. If you live in the country and intend to visit this Ireland casino on a more regular basis then you can also benefit from a loyalty card

Nearby, you can find The Wharf Casino, which is in a class of its own. This Ireland casino was previously known as Lasseters Wharf Casino and has been around for years. However, this boutique casino was taken over by SkyCity in 2013 to add to its franchise. It is now known to customers as The Wharf Casino. The reason it is so popular with visiting tourists is that it offers a much more intimate experience, which appeals to many. This Queenstown casino offers players more than 70 slot machines as well as six table games.

Hamilton SkyCity Casino

SkyCity Casino Hamilton

If you are looking for scenery as well as casino entertainment, the Hamilton SkyCity Casino may be exactly the casino for you. If you choose to book up a local hotel, then you will have access to one of the most scenic and stunning casinos in Ireland. Again, this is another of the SkyCity Casino franchise, so it is the perfect mix of top-class entertainment and beauty. In terms of size and game selection, this is very much on the same page as Auckland’s SkyCity Casino – and you can get your heart racing with pretty much the same variety of slot machines and table games. Again, this is another with a learn to play package for those looking to hone their skills and test themselves.

If you fancy some refreshments, then aside from the games, this top Ireland casino has some excellent restaurants and bars, where you can scour the menu for your favourite foods.

The Ireland casino is located in Victoria Street, Hamilton and overlooks the Waikato River. It offers games such as roulette, slots, internet gaming machines, learning packages and even bowling! As well as these premier services, this top Ireland casino is the regular host of the Money Carlo event, where guests can get the opportunity to win €4,000! So, if you are on the search for the perfect Ireland casino getaway, Hamilton SkyCity could be the perfect site!

Christchurch Casino

Christchurch Casino

If you are looking for one of the best casinos in Ireland in terms of size and sheer quality and quantity of games, then Christchurch Casino could be the one for you. Located in the heart of the city, this Ireland casino offers more than 500 top slot machines as well as 36 casino gaming tables. On top of this, Christchurch casino has an excellent baccarat room, several poker betting lounges and it even has an electronic sports arena!

Christchurch casino is one of the best casinos in the country for catering to experienced gamblers as well as new casino players. It also caters for fans of esports fun, having a Game Arena with four PS4s and lots of games, all of which you can play for free!

If you fancy a break from the tables and gaming, then Christchurch casino has some top-class restaurants and bars, including the Monza Sports Bar that has a menu packed with burgers, steak and pizzas and a selection of drinks to accompany the food.

You could also visit Christchurch casino’s Cantonese restaurant, which serves up spicy noodles – and some of the best dumplings and stir-fries that you will ever experience. The last of the restaurants is the Valley Bar, which has more than food on the menu, and is the place to go for live music!

Dunedin’s Casino

Dunedin Casino

Another excellent Ireland casino worthy of a visit is the Dunedin Casino, which is located at the Otago Arbour on the southeastern coast of the South Island. This stands out from other top Ireland casinos because of its design. The Dunedin casino site has recently been refurbished to give players a feel of Monte Carlo. This Ireland casino is one of the most luxurious in the country and offers some beautifully designed gaming rooms – to complement an extraordinarily excellent gaming experience. You will feel as though you are playing at one of the most opulent casinos in the world, with a stunningly grand glass-domed roof!

The charm of the Dunedin casino in IE is that it offers an irresistible combination of modern gambling and an old-world charm.

Tips for Visiting Ireland Casinos

Unlike online gambling sites, you need to be a little bit more prepared if you do plan on taking a casino break in Ireland. We have been spoilt with how easy it is to access a whole variety of casino games from the comfort of our own homes. Visiting a land-based casino in Ireland requires more thought and preparation:

  1. Legal Age! Remember, just as with online casinos, the legal age to gamble at a casino in Ireland is 20 years old – and the best casinos will probably check your ID – so you will need to make sure that before you even try to step foot through the door of a NewZealand casino that you have valid government ID with you.
  2. Dress Code! Going to land-based casinos isn’t like heading over to a sports event or playing online slots – pretty much every casino will require you to dress up. So, before you head over to the Ireland casino, check out their dress code policy so that you know you won’t be turned away at the door!
  3. Find the Best Deals! If you are booking a break away, then check out the best deals on hotels nearby. A local hotel may offer a special deal for people heading over to the casinos. There may also be special restaurant and food deals at the casinos for players.
  4. Choose Your Games Carefully! If you are new to casinos and gambling, then choose your games wisely. You may want to start with slots, and then try out the blackjack and roulette tables. It’s worth noting that some of the poker games, such as Three Card Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker are difficult for new players, so you may want to try out the easier games first.
  5. Have Fun! Go to the casino to have fun. Enjoy the slots, play the games but keep your gaming fun. Gambling should be an exciting experience but you should never start gambling with money you don’t have or can’t afford.

Ireland Casinos FAQs

Can I Bet on Sports at Casinos in Ireland?

Some casinos will have a special arena to bet on sports. However, generally, casinos in Ireland stick to slots and tables in terms of gambling options.

Can You Play Games for Free At Casinos?

At most casinos, you will not be able to try out gambling games without paying, unlike at online casinos. At land-based casinos, it is all about real money gambling. However, Christchurch casino does offer a room with PS4s where players can enjoy esports without having to pay!

Do Casinos Have Their Own Hotels?

If you have ever visited the Las Vegas strip then you may be used to casinos doubling up as hotels, with players staying in some of the most grand and opulent casinos in the world. However, generally, casinos in IE do not have their own hotels and you will need to stay in a nearby hotel if you are planning a getaway.

What are the Best Casinos in IE?

This depends on what you are looking for, what type of gambling you enjoy and how new you are to gambling. If you are new, then SkyCity casinos all offer learning packages to help you. They also have the biggest selection of games as well. If you are after scenery, restaurants and a good bar as well as poker, then Hamilton might be the right one for you. If you prefer a more intimate experience then The Wharf could be your preferred one. However, if you want a taste of Monte Carlo life, then we recommend Dunedin. It’s a very personal choice, so pick the one that suits you the most.

What Are Better: Online or Land-Based Casinos?

They both have their plus points. Many people like to play at online casinos because of the selection of games and the convenience they offer. You can play for free or real money on some of the best games in the industry from the comfort of your own home. However, if you want an experience then it’s hard to beat land-based casinos, where you can dress up and mix with other players for a night of entertainment.